May 2, 2018

Building an Internal Communication Plan

Before executing any internal communication, it is important to define goals and create a strategy for how to achieve them. Creating a consistent communication plan for internal messaging is crucial to ensure that you are communicating effectively.
April 20, 2018

Shoppers of the Job Market

Today’s job market is rapidly changing with the incoming flood of millennial workers. Due to this generation’s demands, the traditional method of job candidates selling themselves to companies is becoming obsolete. This is forcing employers to adapt in order to keep young talent.
April 13, 2018

The Importance of Building an Internal Brand

A successful internal brand is more than just internal messaging. An internal brand reflects its company's values and encourages employee buy-in from within. While this is often neglected in favor of external messaging, it actually plays a huge role in the quality of your external brand. After all, your employees are the ones communicating to your external audiences.
April 12, 2018

5 Ways to Get to Know Your Internal Audience

Communicating with your internal audience may not be as easy as sending a mass email to every employee. It is just as crucial to tailor internal messages to each unique audience as it is with external messaging. But where do you begin?
April 11, 2018

White Paper: Five Internal Communication Pitfalls to Avoid

Internal communication may appear to occur naturally, but you could be unintentionally making mistakes that have consequences on your messaging. GO2 can help make you mindful of these mistakes so you can proactively prevent them.
March 14, 2018

Opportunities and Obstacles of Employee Advocacy

While there are significant benefits to employee advocacy, there are also obstacles that may prevent your employees from sharing your brand message. It's important to be proactive when confronting those obstacles.