Comcast Business

Assembly Presentation Builder

Creating custom sales presentations on the go.

Assembly provides the Comcast Sales Team with an average build time of less than 90 seconds; simple, user-friendly creation for any sales situation; presentations that are consistent across an industry; a single source for content; and the latest brand and product information.


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The sales team needed to assemble up-to-date presentations on the go.

Our Challenge

The Comcast Business Sales Team needs sales presentations that are unique to each prospect’s industry.

To create these important tools, each sales person used on-hand materials along with slides from previous presentations. These piecemeal creations, however, would frequently use off-brand or out-of-date information and were not representing Comcast Business in the best way.

Our Solution

GO2 worked with Comcast to understand the root of the problem: the sales team is busy.

So, GO2 developed Assembly — a mobile-responsive web app that builds the presentation for them.

Using this tool, an Assembly administrator is able to upload new slides and delete old ones as new solutions are developed and brand language changes. This way, the slides always have the latest information for each line of business and industry.

The sales team uses the tool by selecting their prospect’s industry, number of employees, number of locations, and market information. Assembly then uses slide tags to automatically generate a customizable presentation.

Additional Work

Give your sales team a customized approach to presentations.