Paint Shield® Sales Kit

Building confidence during a complex product launch.

GO2 helped Sherwin-Williams achieve a 198% gallon increase and a 133% sales increase over the previous year by reintroducing their Paint Shield product with a strategic launch kit that the company has since integrated into their “permanent” collection of selling tools.


Graphic Design, Content Creation, Sales Kits, UX Strategy, Print Media


Gold PRSA “Cleveland Rocks” Award Winner

Paint Shield was an exceptional – but highly complex – product.

Our Challenge

In 2016, Sherwin-Williams launched an innovative new product: Paint Shield, the first EPA-registered microbicidal paint.

While this amazing new technology worked to solve the problem of harmful bacteria, its scientific specifications were overly complex, creating confusion among the frontline.

Our Solution

To provide Sherwin-Williams with a better way to sell this innovative coating, our team developed a launch kit that accomplished the following goals:

  • Made a big impact with a high-end unboxing experience.
  • Gave Paint Shield a new, straightforward image.
  • Simplified the messaging and design to emphasize ease of selling.
  • Employed UX best practices to optimize sales effectiveness.

It’s still just paint.

While Paint Shield’s chemical makeup was complex, the message to the frontline was simple – it’s just paint – that happens to have the power to kill bacteria.

Additional Work

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